How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients

Steven Van YoderPublic speaking showcases your knowledge to people who are interested in hearing it. Speaking can be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to establish yourself as an expert, and gives you tremendous credibility that increases over time, often helping you close sales before you leave the room. Without fail, almost every speaking engagement I pursue is profitable. After a talk, many audience members contact me and become paying clients. Others purchase my book and information products, or join my mailing list. Speaking has helped me expand my network, generate referrals, and form alliances with joint venture partners.

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Atlantic Financial Uses Online Video to Promote Dubai Niche

Bruce Fenton is an investment advisor and founder of Atlantic Financial Inc., an independent investment firm that advises American clients on investing in the Middle East. Fenton is also the editor of The Fenton Report, a Global Wealth Management magazine focused on changes to the global economy.Fenton embraced online video a few years ago to support his goal of reinforcing his expertise in investing in Dubai. Online video helps position Atlantic Financial as a thought leader in Middle East investment opportunities. Moreover, it works in concert with other elements of Fenton’s Dubai-niche marketing efforts, including speaking for the Kuwait Ministry of Finance. Describe your overall business.

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Online Press Releases: How to Quickly Reach More Prospects and Influencers

Ever respond to one of those pizza flyers hanging on your doorknob? They’re an effective marketing tool utilized by the major pizza chains as well as local restaurants. Of course, the business of printing those flyers is extremely competitive and price-driven. So when the printing company Print And Deliver wanted to stand out and gain bigger clients, they turned to online press releases. The press release itself has been around more than a hundred years. It’s a major tool that companies of all sizes have used to share their messaging with the media. And now with the Internet becoming a major marketing vehicle to reach multiple audiences, the press release has evolved and considerably broadened its reach and relevance as a tool for communicating directly with target audiences.

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