Practical Podcasting

Is there such a thing as practical podcasting? Enter Tom Webb of F & H Solutions Group. After taking part in the podcast, he used his appearance to open doors to new business for his company, calling attention to his appearance to position himself as a recognized expert in his industry. Webb identified key individuals in a prospective company including high-level decision makers involved in the decision making for a multi-million dollar contact and sent them a link directly to the podcast. The result? Because of that video podcast, the prospect company’s senior management asked Webb to meet for a one-on-one meeting to discuss their capability to service this pending contract award.

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Recession Proof Marketing

Economic storm clouds gather on the horizon. Headlines run from grim to apocalyptic. Investors are losing fortunes. Housing is in a downward spiral. Financial institutions warn of a crisis. The White House hopes for a fiscal stimulus via tax cuts. Any day, consumers and companies could slash spending and trigger an economic downturn.

Whatever you call it—a recession, slowdown, correction or disaster—economic turbulence is part of capitalist society. The economy has always been—and will always be—cyclical. The real mystery is why so many businesses are unprepared when recessions strike.

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Executive Branding: Partners Rise Above Tainted Industry

Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser are co-CEOs of (formerly Freedom Financial), a California firm they founded in 2002 to help consumers manage their personal debt. The firm makes money by taking a share of the savings it achieves for its clients. manages $200 million in consumer debt for more than 5,000 clients. When the two entrepreneurs and former investment bankers were looking for start-up opportunities, they discovered the credit counseling business, an industry that had earned a reputation for exploiting consumers desperate for relief from crushing personal debt.

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