Norman Perlmutter Learns the Power of Writing a Book


The economic downturn has brought to light the growing debt load shouldered by many Americans. Norman Perlmutter wants to change that grim reality. After years working on the other side, assisting creditors as the owner of a collection agency and financial dispute mediator, Norm now helps individuals and businesses solve their credit, debt and tax related problems without resorting to bankruptcy. Although virtually unknown just a few years ago, Norm has established himself as a debt settlement expert due to publishing his book, How To Settle your Debts, a do-it-yourself manual for individuals, families, and businesses who find themselves sinking further and further into crippling debt. Norm is now frequently interviewed on talk radio and has appeared on more than 100 programs including ABC, CNN and the TV show Money Matters Today on the subject of “escaping from debt.” He is an outspoken critic of “conniving credit card lenders,” the new bankruptcy law, and is a sought after speaker on subjects concerning Financial Rehabilitation, Debt Collection and IRS Problem Resolution.

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Strategic Partnerships: The Potential for Profitable Relationships Abound

Helene Solomon, a principal in the Boston-based strategic communications firm Solomon McCown & Company embraces strategic alliances to establish her firm in prime industries. Solomon organizes an educational panel discussion series titled SM& Presents and, since 2003, has organized seven panel events comprised of Solomon principals alongside guest experts, showcasing topics that align with the firm’s expertise in strategic communications. “Our panel discussions cover a range of issues that position our principals as strategic thinkers to influential audiences,” says Solomon. “We invite panelists with existing name recognition and an existing sphere of influence, which boosts the value of our events, enhances our own credibility, and creates audience and media appeal.”

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Putting the Human Touch Back into Lead Generation


I don’t know about you, but as a b-to-b marketer who focuses on telesprospecting and lead nurturing, even I’m a bit overwhelmed by the fervor around social media marketing. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve blogged for five years, and I’ve been Twittered, LinkedIn, Facebooked—and I’m waiting to be Pownced. But I think all these activities specifically in terms of lead generation can be “mis-leading” us to think that the amount of time we spend connecting virtually translates into successful lead nurturing and boosted sales. In terms of virtual lead-generation activities, we all need to collectively understand both offline and online that the real key lies in actively creating nurturing, trustworthy and “edu-focused” communication with potential customers or partners. B-to-b marketing in particular is really about how to collectively serve our clients so they can excel in their own businesses.

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