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Case Study:

Mari Gottdiener, Outsource Solutions

Mari Gottdiener, an attorney, founded Outsource Solutions to help people efficiently and reasonably resolve problems with large bureaucracies. She works with the mortgage industry to help people who are applying for home financing, gives credit workshops on building and maintaining good credit, and works with individual clients to improve credit or resolve identity theft.

Target Marketing

After struggling to build her business with no particular “niche” market focus, Get The Word Out helped Mari target mortgage brokers because they have an ongoing need for her services on behalf of their loan applicants.

Industry Positioning

Mari began networking at mortgage broker trade association meetings. She also gave presentations at several mortgage offices. We developed her message around being the person who fixes credit problems for mortgage brokers, which made it easy to define what her business could do for them.

Contributed Articles

We identified and approached mortgage industry trade magazines, presenting Mari as an expert who could provide useful information to their readers. We published several articles under Mari’s byline about topics related to credit repair.


Because Mari targeted an industry niche that is in desperate need of her services, she quickly became Slightly Famous within the national mortgage broker industry. Now Mari’s name gets passed around. She’s developed a special reputation within that market that makes getting business easier than ever.

Mari’s niche fame became apparent when the California Association of Mortgage Brokers invited her to talk about credit issues at their luncheon. Since then, she has spoken to broker groups regularly, and has reached out to similar associations in other states.

“Get The Word Out Communications helped me target my services to the mortgage industry—a strategy that transformed my business. They developed a plan to publish articles in my name in highly regarded national industry magazines. They not only helped me master the process, but also made the necessary contacts for me.

In just three months, I was able to publish several articles, one of which catapulted my speaking career and landed a nationwide web seminar that brought clients from all across the country. I am now viewed as an expert in my field by the lending industry in over 15 states.”

Mari Gottdiener Outsource Solutions

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