Online Article Placement Pays Off

  Nancy Marmolejo with Comadre Coaching helps creative and entrepreneurial women hone in on their core strengths to turn ideas into action. She helps launch innovative ideas, enters new markets and builds upon natural talents. She faced a common problem, getting targeted prospects to her web site. Nancy had several articles that she had written which showcased her expertise. She determined that she could reach her target market of creative women and Latina business owners by placing her articles on web sites visited by her target market. Nancy used our Online Article Placement Program to reach this tightly targeted marketplace. Within a couple months, her articles were appearing on web sites that reached her target market. The results were immediate and profitable. “Getting my articles out on the web leveraged my visibility faster than anything I could’ve done on my own. It’s had a viral effect, with more and more publications running the articles months after we first put them out there. One article was translated into another language, others have been requested by print magazines and other websites. My web traffic has increased, new people are contacting me, and the investment paid for itself quickly. I recommend Get Out the Word to anyone who wants their name out there but doesn’t want to spend days and weeks demystifying the process.”

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