Get Famous by Blogging Your Book

freedigitalphotos_blog characterDavid Roodman is an expert in microfinance and research fellow at the Center for Global Development. David is currently writing a book on microfinance as an “open book blog” project, where he shares sample chapters of his book in progress with his growing online community.

David’s blog has prompted an international discussion on poverty alleviation, generated national media coverage, including a story in the New York Times, and underscores a new publishing model where authors write books in real-time in partnership with their readers, forming a living dialogue between author and audience.

David shares his experiences and tips on how authors can now position themselves as thought leaders during the book writing process, building an audience for their books before they are published, while shaping a national dialogue around their topics.

Can you tell us a bit about the Center for Global Development and the work you do there?

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