Helping BtoB Companies

 Break Out of the Anonymity Trap

Get The Word Out Communications is a San Francisco-based marketing firm that helps BtoB companies break out of the anonymity trap. We have a two-decade track record of establishing companies as industry leaders to their best clients and customers.

The battle to win new clients and customers has intensified. Not only are there more companies competing for the same buyers, but the rise of online marketing has companies struggling to stand out in a cluttered landscape where everyone claims to have the best solutions.

In response, BtoB marketers invest heavily in content marketing to reach buyers as trusted advisors during the buyer journey. But so is everyone else.

As a result, companies’ attempts to demonstrate expertise are drowned out. Getting found by search engines is an uphill battle. Even sellers with superior value propositions fight to avoid commoditization and ‘race to the bottom’ negotiations based on extracting the lowest price.

Our History

Our company dates back to 1997, when founder Steven Van Yoder was a business journalist. During that time, he spent a lot of time writing about business subjects, everything from marketing to management to e-commerce. In each of these articles, he’d seek out experts in the business community as part of his journalistic research.

After writing hundreds stories about dozens of industries, he saw a pattern. Time and time again, without fail, he uncovered industry leaders that stood out as centers of influence in their industries. Their names popped up all over the Internet. They were the ones who gave talks, wrote reports and mentioned in the media.

He realized that these experts were pursuing a strategy that made them “slightly” famous. They weren’t household names, but they were well known in their industries, and that was all that mattered. And not only were the media clamoring after them, but they were attracting more business than their lesser known competitors.

This insight was the inspiration for Get the Word Out Communications, and his bestselling book, Get Slightly Famous, which helps businesses become mini-celebrities in their fields.

Who We Help

Over the past decade, the Get Slightly Famous marketing framework has helped thousands of companies break out of the anonymity trap. Our proven approach can help you connect with your best clients and customers and position your company as an authority in key markets.

Our integrated model combines traditional and digital marketing tactics to help clients:

  • Strategically and authoritatively position brands to dominate new markets
  • Generate earned media that delivers a winning edge over less credible competitors
  • Develop authority content that gets buyers to take action
  • Develop sales enablement tools that support outbound sales efforts
  • Implement content-driven inbound lead generation programs
  • Establish industry credibility to attract investment capital
  • Brand executives as thought leaders via earned media, publishing and speaking

The Get Slightly Famous model can help you reach and influence buyers, out-position your competitors, boost inbound sales leads and stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more business with less effort. We work with a range of clients, from small to mid-size BtoB companies to enterprise level companies across dozens of sectors, including:

  • BtoB consultants and professional services firms
  • Marketing, communications and sales directors
  • Pre-IPO and venture-funded companies
  • IT, Pharma and Biotech firms
  • Professional membership associations
  • Nonprofit organizations (US and international)

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