Heather Carlucci Rodriguez Shares Her Success with Others

Steven Van YoderHeather Carlucci Rodriguez was the founder/owner of New York-based Lassi, a take-out restaurant featuring Northern Indian home cooking. As a former renowned pastry chef, Rodriguez is an unlikely Indian restaurant owner. But her love of Indian cooking, along with her reputation for creating unique, intricately spiced dishes that taste unlike any other Indian restaurant in town, helped her get named Best Take-Out in New York City in March 2006 by New York Magazine. Heather is also passionate about entrepreneurship and embraces Third World poverty alleviation as her company cause. Lassi donates a portion of its profits toward helping women micro-entrepreneurs in India and the Dominican Republic, helping poor women lift themselves out of poverty by supporting microcredit programs that reach Third World entrepreneurs. Can you tell me a little bit about your business?

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