Get Slightly Famous 

Become a Celebrity in Your Field and Attract More Business With Less Effort

Get Slightly Famous bookFor all companies, regardless of size or industry, the best clients and customers are those who seek you out because they have already heard of you. Get Slightly Famous shows how to build visibility and credibility as a thought leader, mini-celebrity and indispensable resource to your potential clients and customers.

Originally published in 2003, Get Slightly Famous has become a marketing classic, gaining praise and endorsements from around the world. The expanded new edition provides service professionals, growing firms, corporate marketers and company executives a practical marketing “toolbox” of strategies for:

  • developing a comprehensive thought leadership program
  • getting consistent media attention
  • using speaking engagements to cultivate your target market
  • becoming a center of influence within your industry
  • leveraging the Internet and Web 2.0 to its full potential
  • embracing cause marketing to build brand loyalty
  • creating ancillary “info-products” that supplement your income and build public awareness

Get Slightly Famous, author Steven Van Yoder, draws from his experiences helping clients become recognized leaders in their industries. His book includes interviews and case studies of over 135 entrepreneurs and leading business experts, outlining real-world marketing strategies that are relevant for all business owners.

“Your book got me in the New York Times!”

Since the launch of my site I have been featured in Angeleno Magazine, Health Magazine, AOL, and finally today in The New York Times.Your book was instrumental in helping me focus on developing an information product and realizing the value of having contact with the media. I am going to read your book again starting today because I know it contains valuable insight that will help me move forward in the next few months.

Thanks for writing such a great book!

Mike Cornell

Break Out of the Anonymity Trap

If business seems ever harder and more competitive, that’s because it is. Working in a global economy means the number of businesses competing for the same customers, even in a local market, has grown proportionately. If you’re in business and looking for more customers or clients, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do the right people fully understand what I do?
  • Have I targeted my most likely customers and delivered a message that speaks to their unique needs?
  • Do I struggle to differentiate myself from competitors?
  • Have I cultivated a credible online presence that ensures prospects find my web site in search engines?
  • When a local paper, trade journal or industry blogger does a story on my area of expertise, do they call me?

If you can’t answer these questions with an unequivocal “yes,” Get Slightly Famous (second edition) will boost your marketing into a new realm of effectiveness. It is based on proven strategies that can help you get more business with less effort. Even if you’re already practicing these general principles, you will find lots of specific techniques that you can add to your ongoing efforts.

“Establishing a thought leadership position is a business imperative in today’s market. In this groundbreaking book, Van Yoder shows multiple strategies you can use to establish credibility, become the go to resource in your industry, and attract ideal clients. I can assure you, they work!”

Jill Konrath
Author of Selling to Big Companies

What’s New In the Second Edition

Get Slightly Famous (Second Edition) is expanded and updated including new chapters on:

Executive Branding

Branding starts at the top. Get Slightly Famous shows CEOs, executives, and company marketers how to position your top people as your company’s most persuasive brand champions. When products and services are increasingly viewed as commodities, executive branding helps a company differentiate itself.

“In Get ‘Slightly’ Famous, Steven has outlined a very strong guide to building a successful brand through proven tactics such as cause marketing campaigns that align with business goals and thought leadership marketing that positions companies and executives as subject matter experts. This is a good book for any business or individual looking to build or extend their brand.”

Rachel Meranus
VP, Public Relations
PR Newswire

Thought Leadership Marketing

Marketing used to be about finding prospects, delivering your pitch, and selling them your products and services. Today, consumers are dismissive of self-promotional marketing because they see it for what it is—a biased message lacking both objectivity and credibility. Get Slightly Famous shows how to build your reputation as a thought leader by making your business a partner in your prospects’ research and evaluation process and providing useful, honest information at each stage of the buying cycle that will help consumers make informed buying decisions.

“This how-to branding book’s premise is simple, yet powerful: Become a minor celebrity in your field of expertise, and you’ll get more business than you can handle. Small-business owners, especially those whose firms are intrinsically linked to their name and personal reputation, will find this book helpful.”

Bill Madway
PR Week US

Internet and Web 2.0 Strategies

The Internet has evolved from a universe of static Web pages to an interactive online community. Driven by new technologies collectively labeled “Web 2.0,” the Internet now enables people to collaborate, co-create, and share information online rather than simply peruse information. Get Slightly Famous demystifies Web 2.0, including how-to strategies for taking advantage of blogs, podcasts, social networking websites, online article placement, and participating in online communities. You’ll learn strategies for boosting your online findability and developing a powerful Virtual First Impression ™ by distributing content online to grow your business brand.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, individuals and small businesses have a lot to gain by branding and differentiating themselves. Those looking to get ahead are well served by the lessons found in Get Slightly Famous.”

Mark Peshoff, Executive Director
Executive Thought Leadership, Cisco

Cause Marketing

Nothing builds brand loyalty among today’s increasingly hard-to-please consumers like a company’s proven commitment to a worthy cause. Many consumers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profits. Get Slightly Famous delivers proven strategies for embracing strategic philanthropy through cause marketing to help any business stand out in a crowded marketplace, boost employee recruitment, morale, and retention, and strengthen relationships with customers, clients, prospects, and vendors.

“This is a fantastic book that covers dozens and dozens of ideas on how to become credible and ‘slightly famous’ by distinguishing yourself as the preeminent source of solutions by refining your expertise and conveying it to your target audience. One thing I love about the book is that it has scores of case studies by entrepreneurs who show how they market themselves. Get it!”

Robert Middleton
Action Plan Marketing

The new second edition of Get Slightly Famous is a powerful addition to your marketing bookshelf. Get your copy today!

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