Steven Van Yoder

Steven Van Yoder

Yoder is a seasoned journalist, published in over 200 publications including The Washington Post, Financial Executive, Home Office Computing, Costco Connection, Industry Week, Brand Marketing and dozens of trade, business and consumer publications. He currently contributes articles about business marketing and current affairs to dozens of trade publications and websites.

Drawing from years of experience as a working journalist, Steven uses his inside understanding of targeted PR strategies to help businesses reach their best clients and customers and develop a unique brand identity and harness the media to become recognized leaders in their industries. Get Slightly Famous takes this approach a step further by helping businesses reach out in all directions to become “slightly” famous and attract more business with less effort.

Steven serves as the primary strategist for each client engagement and also leads and/or supervises all writing projects. He is a graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Philosophy. He is the former co-chair of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s Market Success Series and graduated from the San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Program.

Get Slightly Famous (2nd edition, 2007), his book debut, draws from his experiences helping clients attract more business with less effort. His book includes interviews and case studies of over 135 entrepreneurs and leading business experts outlining real-world marketing strategies. Get Slightly Famous is endorsed by marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series.

Steven is an unstoppable entrepreneur who enjoys working long hours in pursuit of his next project. When he’s not working, he spends as much time as possible on the road experiencing far-flung cultures. Steven is keenly interested in current affairs and plans to spend the coming years involved in global poverty projects and teaching entrepreneurship.

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