Personal Fame Program

Personal Fame Program: Become a Recognized Expert in Your Industry

Are you small business owner or professional struggling to attract new clients and customers? Our Personal Fame Program will help you take an intense, customized approach to applying the Get Slightly Famous system to your business.

As a solo professional or small business owner you have a lot on your plate. You deliver services to clients, wade through a growing volume of email, manage vendors, pay your bills, keep the books, attend meetings, and deal with hundreds of other items on a seemingly endless to-do list.

And yet, you must also find time to market your business.

Effective marketing takes time and attention. There is work involved. You must learn and stay up to date on marketing strategies and techniques for getting the word out about you and your services.

You must also implement what you learn, which can be a challenge for small business owners who are busy serving clients and customers while keeping business coming in the door.

It’s no wonder that so many talented professionals fall behind or get stuck implementing their marketing plans, and as a result never realize their full potential.

Why? Because there’s just so much to learn and do.

If your business depends on attracting new clients and customers, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you pursuing a marketing strategy that gets prospects calling you, rather than the other way around?
  • Do you have difficulty getting people to take your calls because nobody has heard of you?
  • Do you see people in your field who are less qualified than you land prime speaking opportunities or being quoted in the media?
  • When a local paper, industry blogger or trade journal does a story on your area of expertise, do they call you?

If you can’t answer these questions with an unequivocal, “yes,” the Get Slightly Famous Personal Fame Program (PFP) will boost your marketing into a new realm of effectiveness. The Personal Fame Program will help you implement your marketing strategy and follow a proven system while enjoying the resources and assistance of a team of marketing professionals.


Client Results: Mari Gottdiener Outsource Solutions

Mari Gottdiener specializes in getting credit bureaus to correct errors on consumer credit reports. After struggling to build her business with no particular “niche” market focus, we identified that mortgage brokers were great prospects because their clients needed to resolve credit issues before they could get home loans.

We identified mortgage broker trade associations as primary targets. From here, we approached their magazines that reached mortgage brokers and published articles in Mari’s name about topics related to credit repair. The decision to target the mortgage broker sector “transformed” her business, says Gottdiener.

“The more I focused on being the person who fixes credit problems for mortgage brokers, the easier it became to define what I could do for them. Now, my name gets passed around, and I’ve developed a special reputation within that market that makes getting business easier than ever.

“Without a doubt, your advice, tactics, and strategies helped me break into print in two of the best publications that reached my target market. It would have taken me hours of research and a lot of trial and error to accomplish what we did together in a few short months, I got a lot for the money!

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What is the Personal Fame Program?

The Personal Fame Program is the first of its kind for solo professionals and small businesses that combines…

  • The resources of a full service marketing and PR firm
  • The guidance of a business mentor

The PFP helps you apply the Get Slightly Famous™ marketing system to your business, target your best prospects, brand your business around your ultimate benefit, become a leader in your industry and market niche and attract more business with less effort. You can benefit from the program if your business falls into these basic categories:

Professional Service Providers: We help professional services firms become recognized experts and authorities within their most ideal target markets. Our clients include lawyers, coaches, trainers, financial advisers, consultants, designers, executive recruiters, freelance professionals, management consultants and any type of professional service provider.

Authors & Speakers. We help authors and speakers convey their expertise to an even larger audience through online thought leadership, publishing articles, media interviews and a host of other visibility and credibility marketing strategies. We have a proven track record of building effective author and speaker platforms combining both traditional and Web 2.0 marketing strategies.

Helping Professionals. Our program is ideal for anyone in the helping professions, including therapists, counselors, life and business coaches. In these crowded fields, the PFP will help you stand out and make a name for yourself.

Unique Small Businesses. We help small businesses avoid blending into a sea of look-a-like competitors by developing a one of a kind brand identity. Our Slightly Famous marketing strategies will help you distinguish yourself and develop a powerful reputation within your target market.

The Personal Fame Program (PFP) is not for everyone. Our program is not a silver bullet. As a PFP prospect, you must be willing to work hard and make required changes in your business. Successful PFP clients are those who’ve achieved a baseline level of success and are ready to take their businesses to a higher level. As a good PFP prospect, you should embrace the following:

  • You know your business can make a difference, if only more of the right people knew about it
  • You assume responsibility for your success and take a proactive approach to building your business
  • You want to follow a proven marketing system, instead of reinventing the wheel
  • You invest in your success by getting professional help rather than going it alone
  • You know you don’t have all the answers and accept the advice, support, and assistance of others
  • You set goals and are willing to be held accountable

How it Works

Personal Fame Programs begin with an initial assessment designed to create an overall strategy for your business or project. Regular telephone mentor sessions are usually held from two-to-four times a month, depending on your project and timeline.

Programs last from 6 to 12 months. We meet by telephone and maintain contact by e-mail between meetings for support and feedback. We help you create a strategy and stay on track.

You’ll work with Steven Van Yoder to implement specific strategies for your Get Slightly Famous marketing plan. You’ll also get added support from our team, who will help you implement your program each step of the way.

Areas we cover can include:

  • Fine-tuning your target market and reaching your best prospects
  • Developing or refining your marketing message
  • Implementing a personal media strategy, including getting quoted and publishing articles in targeted media
  • Developing networking, referral and strategic partnership strategies
  • Implementing a public speaking and/or teleseminar strategy
  • Creating or refining your Slightly Famous website
  • Creating info-products (booklets, tapes, special reports) to boost your income and credibility
  • Assistance in launching your own e-mail newsletter and other strategies to help you make the most of the Internet

Should You Consider a Personal Fame Program?

As a Personal Fame Program participant, you consider your time an asset and do not hesitate to get outside, expert assistance as needed. You’ve most likely achieved a level of measurable success in your business and know you need an expert, hands-on help to reach your next level. You should also want to become an expert- level Slightly Famous marketer in the absolute least amount of time, with the least amount of mistakes.

You should consider the Personal Fame Program when:

  • You are established within your marketplace, with sufficient resources, and are ready to reach for higher goals
  • You prefer a personalized approach over working in groups
  • You are considering a book or other substantial marketing project
  • You need specific project assistance, such as consulting, editing, or ghostwriting

Client Results: Contractors Business School

For years, Jayme Broudy worked with a variety of business owners, across many industries, helping them develop management systems to better run their businesses. The Ultimate Benefit she delivered for each client was to help them build profitable, stand-alone businesses.

Her challenge, however, was that she lacked a clear, focused target market to guide her marketing effort.

As a Get The Word Out client, we challenged Jayme to determine her most profitable market niche. This turned out to be professional building contractors – from plumbers, to electricians to roofers – who had a long track record of benefiting from her services.

Drawing from this observation, Jayme developed Contractor’s Business School, a group-based learning program aimed at construction business owners, which drew from her years of experience working with building contractors. Her Slightly Famous niche strategy involved the following steps:

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How Do I Get Started?

We offer an initial free consultation to evaluate your marketing needs.

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