Contractor’s Business School

Case Study:

Jayme Dill Broudy, Contractor’s Business School

For years, Jayme Broudy worked with a variety of business owners, across many industries, helping them develop management systems to better run their businesses. The Ultimate Benefit she delivered for each client was to help them build profitable, stand-alone businesses.

Her challenge, however, was that she lacked a clear, focused target market to guide her marketing efforts.

Contractor’s Business School (CBS)

As a Get The Word Out client, we challenged Jayme to determine her most profitable market niche. This turned out to be professional building contractors – from plumbers, to electricians to roofers – who had a long track record of benefiting from her services.

Drawing from this observation, Jayme developed Contractor’s Business School, a group-based learning program aimed at construction business owners, which drew from her years of experience working with building contractors. Her Slightly Famous niche strategy involved the following steps:

Brand, Logo, Web Site Development

We initially developed the new CBS brand identity and website that was geared entirely to building contractors. This included designing a CBS brand and logo, which was then incorporated into a complete CBS website, including the creation of all website copy geared to speak to the needs and mindset of building contractors.

Niche Media Program

A key component of our program was a niche media strategy. We researched and created a list of contractor industry trade magazines, and then developed several article topics related to Jayme’s expertise and approached editors to introduce her as an expert contributor.

Speaker’s Bureau

A key component of  our marketing program included securing speaking opportunities at industry events. We researched potential speaking venues within the contractor industry, including industry trade shows, and introduced Jayme to key decision-makers.


In a period of 9 months, Contractor’s Business School was open for business. Jayme’s new niche responded powerfully as her best prospects responded to her Slightly Famous marketing program.

Our speaker program resulted in 2 speaker slots at high profile industry gatherings, including the National Electrical Contractor’s Association (NECA) and Electric West conferences.

Our efforts helped Jayme secure seven major multi-media placements in that time in targeted trade media, including:

  • NEC Digest
  • Building Systems Magazine
  • Permanent Buildings and Foundations
  • Lowe’s
  • Snips
  • Lawn Care Professional

The most successful media placement of all was when Jayme landed a monthly column in the dominant contractor trade magazine, Construction Business Owner Magazine, which was timed to coincide with the launch of

From Jayme Dill Broudy

“When I began working with Get The Word Out Communications, I was developing a new group-based business program. I had been somewhat successful creating my individual client base, but I was tired of dealing with marketing. It was not my favorite area – I’d much rather be servicing clients!

As a result, my marketing was not very effective. I’d market reactively, when I needed clients; I’d start and stop, get frustrated and feel overwhelmed when I got bogged down with current clients. As a result, my new program was going nowhere fast! In the first few months, Get The Word Out has delivered. They’ve helped me develop my niche message, land two speaking engagements at a regional level, design and write my new website, and place several articles, including a monthly column in a top industry trade magazine, in major target publications.

I have been impressed by two things: their level of professionalism and “just get it done” attitude, as well as their willingness to guarantee results. Can’t find a marketing firm willing to do that very often!!

As a result of the work we are doing together, my new group program is really happening, not just an idea that was going nowhere. I now have more energy and enthusiasm for the business again. The need to get the marketing done is no longer nagging at me. Instead, it is being handled by an extraordinary team of professionals.”

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