Standing Out

Standing out in the current din of self-promotion requires a profound shift in outlook.

Our service programs are fully customized to your business goals and target market while following our proprietary Get Slightly Famous™ marketing framework.

#1 Strategy and Research

A BtoB marketing strategy is like a blueprint for a house: without a blueprint, you may rush in, grab your toolbox and build a wall here and a floor there, but you’re less likely to end up with a well-built home on a solid foundation.

Each client project starts with an intake analysis using our Get Slightly Famous Marketing Assessment. Here we we analyze your target market, brand positioning, past and current outreach efforts and your industry reputation and web presence. This helps you avoid wasting time and money in poorly conceived marketing programs.

#2 Authority Positioning

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, your business needs to be distinct from your competitors by communicating the value you deliver in a way that is all your own.

Authority positioning distinguishes your company as a credible, pre-eminent source of buyer-focused insights that can’t be easily found anywhere else.

Positioning is power. It can help you enter and dominate new markets. Our work has helped thousands of companies reach high-end buyers through superior buyer insights and highly credible content that separates companies from the pack.

#3 Authority Content

Why does so much content marketing have so little impact? Because companies do not make establishing credibility and trust their first priority.

Authority content leverages credible sources that your buyers trust. Research shows that buyers prize authority content because they see it as more credible and less biased than self-published content on company websites, blogs and social media accounts.

Connecting with “authority” media makes you a recognized expert, exposes your content to larger audiences of qualified prospects and can dramatically boost your search rankings.

Types of authority content we’ve produced include contributed articles in respected media, earned media coverage, research-focused white papers or books, forging association partnerships, speaking engagements and conducting industry-wide surveys.

#4 Game-Changing Insights

The world is awash in “thought leadership” content based on unsupported claims, with little to no research, that regurgitates common knowledge. Even well written, professional and interesting content is not moving buyers to engage with the companies that created it.

Content must do more than contain interesting facts. According to research by the Chief Executive Board (CEB), content that moves prospects to reset their buying criteria must deliver surprising “commercial insights” that teach self-diagnosing buyers something new about their business, and provide a compelling reason to take action.

We eschew “me-too” commodity content in favor of original insights that challenge busy buyers — and sometimes entire sectors — to stop and take notice.

Our approach ensures that your content is not only “present” during the buying cycle, but that it also reframes buyer perceptions, teaches prospects something new and motivates buyers to move beyond the status quo, take action and change their purchasing trajectory.

#5 Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach combines traditional and online marketing to help you do more with less. Rather than an expense, we create programs that deliver results through greater brand awareness, increased demand and sales leads, new sales enablement tools and positioning your company – both online and offline – as a market leader.

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