BtoB Consulting Research Study

What’s Working (and what’s not) in Marketing for Consultants

Marketing for Consultants Report-coverProspects are harder to reach. Generating qualified leads is more difficult. Established tactics like networking, speaking and writing now compete with online technologies and social media as consulting firms struggle to attract the attention of busy buyers.

In this age of rapid change, how are BtoB consultants maintaining and growing their firms?

Get The Word Out Communications, in partnership with  the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), conducted a survey of over 350 small and mid-sized BtoB consulting firms across the United States to learn what’s working (and what’s not) in marketing and lead generation.

BtoB Consulting Research Report. Our free report summarizes the findings of this unique study and provides BtoB consultants with evidence-based insights to design a marketing strategy that will work in today’s professional services marketplace, including:

  • Why evidence-based marketing is key to boosting leads and sales
  • The role of third-party credibility in today’s consulting marketplace
  • Why knowing your customer is key for succeeding in today’s BtoB marketplace
  • What BtoB consultants are doing online to attract new business leads
  • The true impact of social media marketing for consulting firms
  • Which traditional marketing tactics consultants use to grow their firms

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