Ashoka Youth Venture

Steven Van YoderAshoka: Innovators for the Public is a nonprofit organization supporting the field of social entrepreneurship. Kyle Taylor, global spokesperson for Ashoka Youth Venture, was aware that nonprofits traditionally do not receive their fair share of media coverage. He determined to change that during his recent Road Trip America campaign. This interview shows how a 23-year-old with little media experience successfully pursued media opportunities and landed prime coverage, in the New York Times, Seattle Herald, and on NPR Seattle.  

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Credibility Marketing

I recently received an inquiry on my website from a prospective client. It was a local human resources consulting firm that wanted to learn how my Personal Fame Program could help them expand their corporate team performance services within the Silicon Valley business community. Although it was not unusual to a receive prospect inquiry online (most of my sales leads do in fact come through my website), it was interesting that this particular prospect resulted from publicity generated a few days earlier, when I was promoted as a guest on a colleague’s teleseminar.

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