Developing An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

freedigitalphotos_puzzlePhilippa Kennealy, a former family physician, launched The Entrepreneurial MD in 2005 to help aspiring physician-entrepreneurs build successful businesses. At the outset, she focused her entire start-up marketing strategy through her website, publishing content via a blog, podcast, teleseminars and free self-study materials, assuming that physician prospects would naturally go online to seek out her coaching business.

However, after six months of putting her content marketing program, prospects were still not flocking to her website. In search of answers, she talked with several physicians and asked them to evaluate her online marketing strategy.

Their responses surprised her. Though she received positive feedback on her quality content, many of her peers noted that medical trade publications still remained their primary source for learning about new products and services. “It was a wake-up call,” recalls Kennealy. “Online marketing was obviously important, but because doctors don’t sit at their computers all day I had to reach them on their own terms.”

Philippa began including offline marketing tactics, contributing articles to magazines such as Physician Executive and Doctor’s Digest and pursuing speaking opportunities at medical conferences. Within a year, Philippa’s prospect-focused efforts paid off as she established herself as a thought leader and positioned the Entrepreneurial MD as a leading online resource on physician entrepreneurship.

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