Why Professional Services Providers Should Publish A Book

image_freedigitalphotos-book glassesOne morning, you open your inbox and find several e-mails that will boost your business. There’s an invitation to speak at a national conference. A leading blogger asks for an interview, exposing your business to thousands of prospects. A trade publication editor lets you know that you’ve been featured in this month’s edition, which resulted from an earlier webinar.

Each of these opportunities came to you (instead of the other way around). Best of all, you enjoy the benefits of marketing without actually selling.

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Get Rich Slowly By Blogging


Blogs have passed their fad stage and are now accepted as serious business tools, but far too many people have entirely the wrong idea about making money blogging. Making money because you blog is a much more common than making money from blogging much more common than making money from blogging. Yes, a handful of people make serious money from their blogs, including from advertising revenue, product sales, and more, but for most of us this is simply not going to happen. I know a very few people making six figures from their blogs, but I know a lot more extremely successful professionals who owe their success in part to blogging. The thought of a professional, whether a consultant, lawyer, speaker or anyone else starting a blog, slapping some ads on it, and raking in serious cash is simply ludicrous!

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